Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christ Centered Christmas Book & Video List & GIVEAWAY WINNER!

What can be better than snuggling up with your children on the couch or in bed to read a good book?  This year we have decided to do something new to keep our boys heart on the real meaning of Christmas.  Yes, they still want everything they see, but we want them to know why we celebrate Christmas.  We want them to know who it is all about! JESUS!  We want them to experience God's love.  I know it is hard for children (young) to understand, but this is how we have decided to emphasis Christ during this time of year in the lives of our children.

We will be wrapping up books that are Christ centered and each night one of the boys will unwrap a book and we will read it as a family.  This will be our QUALITY family time/bed time story.  I am excited about it because my boys love books and gifts.  In a way they act as both! 

So here is a list of books that we have already and very few were purchased this year.  I am including after this list a FREE PRINTABLE.  It will have a picture of the cover of the book, title and author.  I have done this so if you are interested in picking up or ordering online you have them all right in front of you.  I have included some videos as well if you want to slip in a surprise and make it a movie night!

Also, at the end of this post I have announced the WINNER of the LOVE CAME DOWN GIVEAWAY!!

Enjoy this Christ Centered Christmas Book and Video List! 


Christ Centered Christmas Book & DVD List


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Monday, November 19, 2012

Love Came Down Review & GIVEAWAY!

As Christmas approaches, I have been thinking of ways to bless people who have blessed my life.  I don't want to just give them a gift, I want to give them a gift that can and will inspire to draw even closer to Christ.  I believe that as a woman that is in ministry, one of the greatest opportunities that God has given me is to be able to bless and encourage others.  I find that so many women and men, get so caught up in the work for Christ that they become burdened {I say this because it has happened to me}.    I believe weeks ago when a box came to my door, God was asking me to do something for those who work with me in ministry, specifically.

Love Came Down - Purest Love - Christmas Boxed Cards & Mugs Gift Set imageWhen I opened the box there were two beautiful mugs with scripture on it, a set of cards and a devotional calendar.  I knew exactly what I was going to be doing this Christmas! The items I received from Dayspring, I am using.  And it is amazing how God speaks into a persons life. Let me give you a short testimony.

Love Came Down - Purest Love - Christmas Boxed Cards & Mugs Gift Set imageMy husband had been home for two weeks (during Hurricane Sandy), not because of the hurricane but more because he had no work and the one job that he was at, he could not go due to weather.  By the way, he is a painting contractor and we own our business.  So as any self employed person might feel, he was a little worried with winter right around the corner.  I just have to say, my husband is a man of God that has an enormous FAITH!  Well, that morning I was serving him a cup of coffee while we were talking about the situation and when he would have work and such.  I quickly decided to grab one of the mugs I had received (he hadn't seen them yet) and serve him his coffee. On the mug it says, "LOVE RICHLY ~ God richly gives us everything, to enjoy" 1 Timothy 6:17.  He just smiled. With that we just started to read bible verses that encouraged us to hope and depend on God who has never left us, nor ever will.  Everything we have is because of Him.  He has always taken care of us and always will.
Jesus, God's Promises Fulfilled - Advent Tabletop Devotional image
Advent Tabletop Devotional on sale for  $5.99 this month!
The other items I received were a box of cards and a devotional calendar.  The cards I will be using to send to those who I am in ministry with.  I want to encourage them and thank them for all they do for the kingdom of God and His children (adults and CHILDREN!) My gifts this year to our Sunday school teachers will be the mug and the devotional.  I will give them the devotional early so they will be able to use it this year with their family or during their quiet time.  With the mug I plan on including some hot cocoa.  You can read more about how I plan on using the devotional here.

Now for the GREAT NEWS!  I was given the opportunity to host a giveaway of the same items I received!

The winner will receive the following items:
1. Jesus, God's Promises Fulfilled - Advent Tabletop Devotional
2. Love Came Down - Purest Love - Christmas Boxed Cards & Mugs Gift Set

The giveaway will begin on November 20th, Tuesday - November 30th - Friday.  The winner will be contacted through email and posted on God's Most Precious Facebook page.

Dayspring is having a Super Sale this coming week (November 20-26) where everything (excluding Super Specials) is 30% off with code: 30SUPER

I hope you were inspired and blessed!

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