Friday, February 8, 2013

With Love, God.

I believe I am the most romantic girl in the world... and my husband would agree! I love to show love, give love, speak love... especially to the love of my life, my husband and my children. With Valentine's Day approaching, I wanted to share and focus on showing my #1 love of my life, Jesus.  I want my boys to kow it is wonderful to show momma and daddy love and give Valentines to friends, but this year I want to re-focus that love.  I want to teach them more about the greatest gift God gave us, Jesus.  I want them to see the kind of love God has for us and in turn express that to others.

So as I sat at my computer I just asked God to help me create. Below you will find what I like to call "With Love, God". It is a pack of printables that I will use with my boys and Sunday School class. You will find a game, garland, scripture copy work and a cute craft called "A Bag of Love" .

I pray that you are blessed and filled with God's Love!

For His Glory and By His Grace,

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  1. Great reminder as the "love" holiday comes upon us. We love because he first loved us. So true.
    Keep up the God work.

  2.'re so creative. I love the emphasis on God's love first! I tweeted your printables so others could be blessed. Praying you are well sweet friend.



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