Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Journey of Homeschooling Begins

Several years ago I felt that God was calling me to homeschool our boys.  I prayed about, spoke to my wonderful husband about it, prayed for his heart, being that it was not what he thought we or I would do, and finally received our answer. 

So here we are getting ready for our first official homeschool year.  Chubby will be in Kindergarten and mommy will be his teacher!!  We have been doing school for the past year and it has been a learning experience!! It really is a lot of work but so worth it!! I have really enjoyed seeing the boys learn SO much and it's amazing what little sponges they are.

I pray that God lead me and give me the patience that is required and desired of me to school my boys.  I am so excited!  Jorge has been so supportive and excited as well.  He took me to Ikea this week to pick out all the new furniture I need to make our basement our new school room!!  I will post pictures very soon... before and after.

Please keep us in prayer.  We want to follow God's lead in training up our boys for his glory!!

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