Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Fun & {Link-up}

I hope you have been enjoying your summer so far!  We have had beautiful weather here in NY!

What have I been up to lately?  A LOT!!!  Our schoolroom is clean, organizing the laundry room,  doing lots of work at church,  organizing next year curriculum (yes, I already have 2/3 of it!), planing for our summer school... the list can go on!  


Bike Riding with Daddy... Chubby (the oldest) has no training wheels!!

Youth Retreat (My husband and I ministered at)

Fun at the Park


At the Fair

At Tio and Tia's House .. playing with cousin Smooshie!

Hope you enjoyed the pics! Of course this is only a few!
So what will you be doing this summer? Have you started planning for the upcoming school year? Would love to hear and see your ideas! 

This is around the time that I like to meditate on all that I did for my marriage, myself, the boys, school, home and think of the things I really want to change, things I want to adjust and things I need to seriously get rid of.  
I think this is the time of year I really love!  Why? It is an opportunity for opportunity! 
A chance to start fresh!

Please share!

By His Grace and For His Glory,

Linked up to MOB SOCIETY This is a GREAT SITE TO Moms of BOYS!!!  CHeck it out!!

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