Friday, July 6, 2012

Getting ORGANIZED! {Link-Up}

Lately I have been organizing my HOME, meaning everything that has to do with our family.  I never realized how much goes into organizing and detaching oneself from things that we really don't need.  That has been my mentality lately; if I haven't used it in 6months- a year, in other words, I have completely forgot about it, then it goes.

For me this is so hard!  I am a "just in case" kinda gal! I love to keep drawings and things that my boys have made. I am learning to capture the moment and only when I consider it something that they really put time into I will keep it.

So with that update, I thought I would share some places I have been to lately that have inspired this wonderful "change"!  

iHeart Organizing

IHeart Organizing

This site has tons of great ideas for every place in the house!  I have gone to this site when I need a little motivation to be the keeper of my home!

Decluttering Series from Memories on Clover Lane

Source: via Heather on Pinterest

I hope you are inspired to make good changes for the good of your home.  This is something that I know I cannot do over night.  I will actually be taking this summer to get my home the way I have always wanted it to be.  Getting rid of things I do not need, donating, and teaching my boys that we don't need a lot to be happy!

Would you like to share any organizing tips?  I would love to read and see what you have done or are doing!  Link-up your POST ABOUT ORGANIZING BELOW... it could be before and after photos, tips, ideas, printables, anything about making our homes, homes and us better homemakers!

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