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The NOT Back-to-School Blog Hop - Curriculum Week

Not Back to School Blog Hop

As a rookie in homeschooling I have learned that school shouldn't be a Monday though Friday, 9 am -1pm, time frame.  School is life. Anything that I can teach my boys to better their lives is school, wherever I am, whatever I do, I want them to gain wisdom and knowledge.  I want to teach them to grow up to be great men for God.  Yes, I know that is looking far into the future, but everything I do now, everything I say now and everything I teach now, will create a ripple effect into their future, whether good or bad, seen or unseen.  

So this year I will be doing things a little differently.  My husband and I feel that our priority will be teaching our sons to have a relationship with God and to depend on Him.  We will still do all other subjects because that is important.  But we will not move forward until they have been in the Word for that day.  We want them to know that their foundation  for anything they want to do or accomplish is in the relationship they have with God.  

I have joined the 2012 Not Back to School Blog Hop to share what I will be doing in "Life School" with my boys.  It will be my 2nd year homeschooling; 1st grade, Kindergarten, teeny-tot!

Bible (all ages)

*The Child Training Bible: (1st & K) 
We will be working through one tab weekly, reading through the bible verses, "Get at the Heart Questions"and "Scripture Prayer"

*We Choose Virtues: (1st & K):
We Choose Virtues

Abeka Bible Flash a Card Series (all)
I have the old version of the nursery set and many individual sets.  I will use them to teach bible stories. The boys love this!  The visuals are beautiful and ARE LARGE!!

*SonLight Bible Core A

The * will be done daily.

Language Arts

1st Grade:
All About Reading Level 1/2
All About Spelling Level 1/2
SonLight Language Arts 1
Rod and Staff  Reading - We Learn about God Set
Rod and Staff Penmanship - "Penmanship for Christian Writing" Set

All About Reading Level 1
All About Spelling Level 1
SonLight Language Arts K


1st Grade
Singapore Math 1

Singapore Math K

Science (all ages):

Sonlight Science A: Biology Botany and Physics
Daily Science Grade 1


1st Grade:
SonLight Core A: Intro to the World: Cultures
Evan-Moor Daily Geography Practice Grade 1

Sonlight P4/5: Exploring God's World
Evan Moor Beginning Geography Grade K


Both Grades:
Speedy Spanish

1st Grade:
Rod and Staff: Lectura 1 en Conjunto

* This is a MUST in our HOME!  My husband and I speak, read, write fluently in Spanish AND I WAS a public school Spanish teacher, so these boys are going to start early!!  I will give you more updates about how I plan on teaching spanish to the boys in a way where they not only memorizing but will write, speak and understand what is being taught!! FUN, FUN!!

Music and Sports: (both)

Piano Lessons (continue for my older son and my {almost 5} will begin)
Drum Lessons (my older son {6} most likely beginning of next year!)
Soccer in the Fall
Swim Lessons (current)
Ice skating (in preparation for Hockey) in the Fall

Momma Help/Curriculum:

Well Planned Day

The Well Planned Day Planner

My Well Planned Day

Bought this last year and loved it!  So I am using again with the software!

I will also be continuing my new journey Getting Serious with God.  You can read about it here.

SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS YEAR!!  I have been praying and planing this year since March!!  I know seriously early!!  God is good and faithful.  We are depending on HIM!!

daddy and sunshine

By His Grace and For His Glory,


  1. Looks fantastic! I'm sure you will have a wonderful year! Praying God will bless all of your effort!

  2. Monica sweet friend...Hello! I love your new school year. I have ours almost planned out and hope to share mine this week sometime. We don't start our new year until September. I would like to ask you for suggestions for highschool Spanish? We are about halfway through a program I found at Barnes & Noble but would like more reinforcement. Let me know. And I'm glad you post when you can. Love hearing from you. Blessings.

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