Wednesday, October 24, 2012

23 Days of Thanksgiving {Printables} !!

Let The Little Ones Come to Me Printables

"Bringing Children to Christ One Verse at a Time"

I wanted to share with you a NEW set of Printables that I have created just in time for THANKSGIVING! Is it too early??!!  NEVER!!  For those of you who like to have everything printed out and ready for the new month, this set of printables is perfect!

The focus of this set is to prepare the hearts of our children (as we enter into this new season of GIVE ME, GIVE ME, GIVE ME, I WANT, I WANT, I WANT!) to be thankful for what they have and to always look to God.  I created this because I wanted to really focus my sons'  hearts to see everything we have as a blessing and what we don't have doesn't mean we are not blessed.  During November I will be focusing on being thankful and giving.

The set includes: 23 copy work bible verses, a calendar, a few coloring pages.  All come in black and white and color and in manuscript and script. 64 pages in total!

If you would like to see the other pages please visit my shop here.

Below I created some FREE coloring pages that can be used with the 23 Days of Thanksgiving set.  

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For His Glory and By His Grace,


  1. We will focus on why we celebrate these holidays by reading and talking about the nativity.

  2. This looks fantastic!! I have been searching for ways to help my kids focus more on the Thanksgiving part of the season, and less on the gifts. They are good kids, and they do love to give as well as receive, but the commercial focus is SO pervasive, more reinforcement is always a good thing!

  3. I followed your link from the CTB FB page. You've got a great blog and I love your work/printables.
    Every year especially around the holidays our focus turns to those around us rather then ourselves. The kids love providing service to family, friends and strangers. Our focus also is on our Lord and Christ and what they have given and done for us.

  4. I just found you from CSAHM. I look forward to receiving your new posts. I am also a Christian blogger at Blessings, Diane Roark

  5. These are wonderful! I found this through the Raising Arrows homemaker's link up and will be sharing on my blog fb page. Thanks for sharing them!

  6. Newest follower here! I found you through the Tuesday blog hop. Cute blog, I can't wait to read more.

    P.S. I’m doing a $50 Shabby Apple giveaway on my blog. You should check it out here:



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