Monday, March 11, 2013

Christ Centered Easter Ideas

I wanted to share some great ideas that I came by that are Christ centered for this Easter season.  I think the bunnys, eggs and chicks are cute but I really want Christ to stand out in the hearts of my children and those I teach.

This list has tons of printables and crafts that you can do with your children or Sunday School kids. Also, stay tuned this week, as I will be posting a "Christ Centered Easter" Book list, which will also include videos, for the whole family.

Easter Printables for Toddlers

These are beautiful printables and some great ideas on how to use these printables

Easter Wreath - Printables
You can use this as you go through each lesson weekly that I post here


DIY Resurrection Egg & Printable Cards

You can also find more ideas that I used last year here  "Easter Last Minute Idea"

I hope this list is helpful as you celebrate Christ with your children.  This week I will be posting Lesson #2 in the Easter Series and the "Christ Cenetered Easter" Book list... Hope to see you back here!!

For His Glory and By His Grace,


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  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas for Easter. You have such an attractive blog!! I stopped over from A Mama's Story and enjoyed my visit. Have a wonderful week!!

  2. Wow! This is awesome! Thank you :)

  3. WONDERFUL ideas. Thanks so much for sharing them! I am hoping you will link to the Farm Girl Friday Blogfest - here is last week's link, and there will be a new one this coming Friday too! We'd love to have you there!

  4. Wow, pretty nice. Love this featured Easter crafts for kids with the focus of Christ. Thanks for sharing. Me and my niece would definitely have lots of fun making these crafts.

    Happy Easter!
    Shabby xxx



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