Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Celebration Ideas... Last Minute!!

I have been so busy lately with my boys, schooling, ministry and have had so many ideas about how I want to celebrate and teach my boys about the Resurrection.  I wish I could do all of them but that probably won't happen!!  So I came up with a last minute list that I thought I could share with all of you.  I hope it helps!!

Easter Garden

So one thing that I am doing today is this.  I already made one last week and nothing has grown... so we are doing a do over!!

For Homeschooling Mommas  I highly recommend Homeschool Creations.  There a lot of great ideas and encouragement here. Check it out!!

 Family Time

This is something you can do as a family.  I like that I will be focusing on the last days before Easter.  I will be reading passages and most likely renacting them or explaining them to our boys.  If you haven't heard of Thriving Family Magazine - IT IS WONDERFUL!!  It is by Focus on the Family. 
Thriving Family Magazine - Easter Activities

In the Kitchen - Resurrection Cookies

I plan on being in the kitchen with my boys on Friday.  We will be making these Resurrection Cookies

You can find the recipe at The Alabaster Jar.  Jolene Engle is a wonderful woman of God.  On the post she has many other ideas to do.  Her blog is wonderful!!

 Mini- Movie

I believe that visuals are so important for a child to grasp the meaning of anything - at least for my boys it's a must!!  So I thought of sharing this 3 minute video with them.  The greatest part is that it is narrated by two little girls.  It is a must see!!
Worship House Kids - A Very Special Sunday

Momma Reads

Here is a list of recommended reading.  I love to read... especially when I have time!!!  So I thought I would share this as well.

Focus on the Family - Do your Children Understand Easter?

THIS BOOK IS A MUST ! The illustrations are beautiful!
You can try looking for it at your local library or on Amazon.
He is Alive! Helen Haidle - Amazon
He Is Alive!

Easter Family Celebration  Schedule

  • Thursday
    • Resurrection Garden
    • Re-Enact the Washing of the Feet
    • Explain the importance of serving others
  • Friday
    • Resurrection Cookies
    • Re-enact the Laster Supper
    • Explain and share the Communion
  • Saturday
    • A Very Special Sunday Movie
    • Read He is Alive!
    • Family Time!
  • Sunday
    • Look at our Resurrection Garden and Celebrate
    • Bite into our Resurrection Cookies!
    • Celebrate with our brothers and sisters in Christ at church!
I will be putting up a new "page" on my blog for Sunday School Teachers.  I myself am a Sunday School Teacher and the Director of Children's Ministry at our church.  I would love to get some feed back as to how many Sunday School Teachers follow and what kind of help/ideas you would like - crafts, lessons, discipline, etc.  I love to help!!!  So please just leave me a comment and I will respond ASAP!! If you know of any other Sunday School Teachers spread the word to follow along!!

I hope pray and hope you have a BLESSED EASTER, celebrating in teaching God's AMAZING LOVE!!

 By His GRACE,


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  1. Hi I stopped by from the Wise Woman link up! I am a pastor's wife...yes I teach Sunday School and am always desperate for ideas! Thanks for these ideas and Easter schedule. SO helpful! I needed this...look forward to reading more :)

  2. YEA!!!! Awesome resources, thank you!!!!

  3. Monica, I am completely humbled and honored by your words! May the Lord be glorified by all we do, sweet friend.

  4. happy easter friend...jesus is the reason of the season...loves

  5. Thank you for the wonderful suggestions and thanks for linking up with Thrifty Thursday! Have a blessed Easter Sunday!

  6. I was browsing for some ideas for this coming Easter 2014 when I cam across to this post of yours and I find it really nice, love those treats. Resurrection cookies, sounds cool! Happy Easter!




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