Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Celebrating YOU - Momma!!

I love MOTHER's DAY! Why? Well  (here goes my list)...

  1. It reminds me of how blessed and privileged I am to be able to be a momma
  2. I get to thank my husband and children (really if it weren't for them... and of course God.. I would not be called momma!)
  3. I can think of all the wonderful women in my life that have been such a blessing and example to me
  4. I can send cards (I love cards!) to many women that I truly admire!
  5. It reminds me of how wonderful my momma is to me (She really is so special!)
  6. It reminds me of the responsibility and the privilege that God has given me to be the mother of my children (to care, nurture and love them above all things)
  7. It reminds me that God really trusts me (and my husband) with our children's life and future (WOW!!)
Those are only some of the reasons I LOVE MOMMY'S DAY!!  

If my husband were to write on this post, he would probably tell you that I can celebrate anything and everything under the sun; that I would make up a holiday just to be able to celebrate it!

SO this Mother's Day, I know we need to celebrate our Momma's and Grandmomma's, but I thought why not celebrate YOU!!  Yes, YOU!!!  You have done a most excellent job in raising your beautiful children.  I know what you are thinking, "yeah, but I did kinda of yell at them today, and I kinda lost my patience and...". I understand, but those things don't make you a bad  momma.  Those are the things we strive to change.  We want to be better momma's everyday.  And by trying to become better for your family, makes you a GREAT MOMMA!!  SO how about thinking of all the good you have done for your family.  I bet that list will be much longer!

SO here is my list of things that I am looking at for me!  And I thought I would share.  These are things that I would love to purchase... and don't be surprised if I do purchase one or two!!  (Did I tell you I love to SHOP!!!)



Dresses from Shabby Apple

On Sale for $37.00

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On Sale: $ 39.00

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On Sale: $ 49.00
**This would work great for those Momma's that are pregnant!!

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Redeemed - Beautiful in Its Time - Jewelry Tabletop Mirror
Redeemed- Beautifully in its Time - Jewelry Tabletop Mirror
On Sale $23.99

Good Things - Bless the Lord - Teacup and Tote Gift Set image
Good Things Teacup and Tote Gift Set
On Sale: $29.99
This would be great for those Momma's who are about to have a Baby! TRAVEL BAG!!

Redeemed - Everything Beautiful - Phone Cover and Wallet Set image
Redeemed Everything Beautiful Phone Cover and Wallet Set
On Sale: $39.99

Redeemed - Everything Beautiful Begins with God - Jewelry Tree
Redeemed Everything Beautiful - Jewelry Tree
$ 29.99

Redeemed - Truly Blessed - Wooden Framed Mirror with Hooks
Redeemed Truly Blessed Wooden Framed Mirror
$ 29.99
** This is beautiful! Every time we look in the mirror we read "TRULY BLESSED" which is what we are!

Redeemed - Lovely by Design - Overnight Bag
Redeemed Lovely By Design - Overnight Bag
$ 49.99

Redeemed - Found and Treasured - Large Purse and Makeup Bag Set image
Redeemed Found and Treasured - Large overnight Bag and Makeup Bag Set
On Sale $ 55.99

Ann Voskamp - DayBrightener and Book Set - God in the Moment and One Thousand Gifts
Ann Voscamp - God in the Moment & One Thousand Gifts -365 Day Perpetual & Book Set
On Sale: $ 16.98
** This is great to have by your bedside and even a wonderful gift for another Momma!


I am a Shabby Apple Affiliate and a Dayspring Affiliate.

Well Ladies, I know it was a LONG List, but I really loved these items!  I just want to remind you as you think of others, also think of yourself.  You are doing a wonderful job!

For His Glory and By His Grace,

PS - Watch out for Mother's Day Printables - for Sunday School or Homeschool.  I will post them up soon!

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  1. Wow you have great taste!!! I will show my hubby that skirt, and dress. I have wanted to get 1000 gifts also, I will make sure to get them from here :)

    1. Thanks Tesha!! I was thinking about the skirt and lace shirt in black!! Actually I WANT THEM ALL!!LOL!!! Enjoy SHOPPING!!



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