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Thou Shall NOT Covet thy Neighbors BLOG - My Blog's Purpose

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I have looked at so many blogs in the last 4 months than I ever thought I could actually look at, and have enjoyed the layouts, the posts, everything.

I was coming to a point where I found myself saying, "oh, I wish I could do that", "oh, I wish I thought of that"... and you understand.  And so the Lord really spoke to me,  "do not look at what I have sent others to do, LOOK AT WHAT I HAVE SENT YOU TO DO!"

So with that said, I will no longer COVET MY NEIGHBORS BLOG! SERIOUSLY!!


After that gush of cold water thrown in my face!! I questioned: Have I been just blogging to blog? Is the Lord really involved in my blogging? Lord, what have you sent me to do?

I remember back in January (of this year) when I was encouraged by my wonderful husband to re-start this blog and to be faithful to whom ever reads it.  He saw more then I saw at the time and the LORD saw more then both of us.

So recently I went before the Lord and prayed over this blog and asked Him in what direction is this blog supposed to go.  I have always asked the Lord to always be the center of my life and if He is not to show me and fix it!   And now so with this blog.  He wants to be the center of it.  Everything thing I post should always go back to glorifying Him.

What God has placed in my hands/fingers, I will do for Him and His Glory.  What comes of it will be to glorify Him and encourage His children.  This blog will lift the name of the Lord on High.  I truly believe with all my heart that my husbands insistence was the Lord using Him to speak to me.  That passion to encourage momma's, homeschooling momma's and women in general with the Word of God is what God has called me to do through this blog.


In the next few weeks, you will be seeing some changes to this blog... all good and all for HIM!

I am truly passionate about being a better me, wife and mother... this is what God has called me to do in my life right now... these are my main ministries.  I want to dedicate certain pages on this blog to these areas focusing on:

  1. my relationship with God
  2. my relationship with my husband
  3. my relationship with my children
  4. my home living - the family unit, homeschooling
  5. my relationship with others

Some extras:

  • Sunday School Printables
  • Homeschool printables (coming soon!!)
  • Link-ups
  • Giveaways
I pray that you enjoy all that is here and are encouraged to live a life for His glory and by His Grace...


PS- I have the tendency to create lists ... it helps me see everything... and it is the way my brain works!

God Bless You!


  1. Girl, you don't need to covet another's blog because you ARE making a difference. I found your blog today and it made this Mom cry (in a good way). Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    How Great Thou Art, indeed.
    ~ Kristy

  2. Love lists also, and had a good laugh over the title for this post. God has been truly working on me with the same issue. My posting has gone way down, for numerous reasons, but also because I've felt the need to "wait for His guidance".

    Blessings, and thank you for your honesty.

  3. I love you blog I will try not to covet,LOL! Seriously your heart comes across in your post. What do I see in there, A Wonderful woman that loves God and passionately serves him :) I am already so blessed by you and I look forward to the changes, not that you need them. I have a love hate relationship with lists :)

  4. I completely understand what you are saying. I have gone to Him many times to confirm why I do what I do, and He always dusts me back off, reaffirms that it was indeed His voice that pushed me in the blogging direction, and sends me on my little writing way.

    Through writing, I have found myself in complete worship, right at my laptop, and He just flows. I never expected to experience Him this way and if that alone is all that comes from my blog, it has been worth every moment.

    Thanks for this post!

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  6. Oops! Noticed a typo in 1st comment-so deleted!

    I didn't realise there were so many beautiful devotional blogs on the www until I stumbled across 'Hearts 4 Home' recently. I've really enjoyed looking at the many different blogs on the www as a result of linking up with the aforementioned, which I am so very thankful for.

    I get the feeling that God is drawing Christian women together online to encourage one another in Him and His Word. What's more, we each come to the table bringing a range of different gifts and talents, and as a result have such a wonderful wealth of wisdom and encouragement to share amongst each other.

    Does anyone else believe God is moving in this community and building an online church of likeminded Christian, worshiping women for His glory? It would be interesting to learn what others think about this.

    And by the way, your block rocks! It is very beautiful as is the heart behind it.


  7. Thank you for linking up at "Heartprint Hallelujahs". It is a pleasure to "meet you". God has created each of us "on purpose" for "a purpose"....glorifying Him and living our life to bless HIM and others. I so appreciate your heart and your desire to please our Heavenly Father in all you do and say...and blog. It is easy to compare and "covet". I've walked in those same shoes, but in the end, God has called YOU to be YOU and to reach only those who YOU can reach. Keep shining HIS light through the gift of you and God will be glorified.

  8. Monica...I love your blog and your ministry so far, hence, why I featured you and have you listed in my blogs I visit often. And your lists (I'm a list girl, too!) are fabulous and will keep you focused. I love when God clarifies things for us and sets us straight again. I know He has done that for me so many times in my life. Keep up the good work unto His glory my friend.

  9. What a great thing you have done- and to post about it as well so that others (myself included) can do a heart check of our own with our blogs.

    Nicole at Working Kansas Homemaker

  10. This is so good!! Keeping our eyes focused on the Lord and off of everyone else (especially blogs!) is so good. Not that we shouldn't enjoy other blogs and soak up the wisdom, but like you mentioned it's a heart condition issue. Comparison is a dangerous game. Thanks for spurring me on to love God in ALL things :)

    Carly @

  11. Great post! I completely agree. I have had this same struggle. Want to be successful, and finding myself a bit envious of others who are successful in their blogging. I want to reach people for Christ, encourage them in their walk with Christ, but sometimes I have to evaluate myself: Do I want people to be encouraged, period...or do I want to be the one to do it for validation? It's a hard thing to wrestle with and I have in the past week or so completely given my blog over to God. If His need for me is to reach thousands of people, then it will happen in His time and in His way. If His need is to reach a handful of people through my blog, then I still need to be just as faithful in that because He leaves the 99 to find the one lost sheep, and I think He expects for me to be dedicated to His purpose whether I ever see "success" or not.

    I had to sign in w/ my wordpress account, but my blog has moved to

  12. I like lists, too. And I love that there are so many wonderful Christian women out there in the blogging world. It's so encouraging sometimes. But yes, it can be challenging not to covet the neighbor's blog on occasion!

  13. Awe! So love your heart and your desire to serve God with your blog! Can't wait to see how God works! Since turning my blog over to God, I've been able to take somewhat of a "backseat" and let Him lead me to write and lay things and projects on my heart and let them come about in His timing, not my own. It's been a challenge but GOd has been blessing and giving me peace!!! Thanks so much for linking up with Delight Thyself!!!




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