Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Don't Be Afraid & {Link-Up}

Source: via Geri on Pinterest

Today I was encouraged by a post on The Better Mom, Every Mother's Nightmare {Why Losing a Child Isn't Something you Should Fear}.  I pray that you are encouraged as well by this post.

In every situation that we pass through, we must always glorify the Lord with our words, our actions and our decisions. When our family lost Gabriella, it was very difficult.  But we knew God's will, even if we did not understand it, was the most important.  We knew that we had to leave everything in His hands and that He would guide us.  For us, it was about always seeking how God was glorifying Himself through our lives.  There were many fears that came when I became pregnant again, but God quickly wanted me to depend on Him.  To trust Him, that He knew what He was doing.

I pray that today, you do not fear tomorrow and what it might bring.  Whether you feel that you can no longer go on, whether your heart is heavy with sadness, the Lord doesn't want you to go on without Him. He wants to be right by your side.  He wants to hold you. He wants you to surrender your sadness, your pain today.  He wants to give you peace and joy even through the storm.  He wants to be glorified.

This is not something we can do one time and expect it to be okay forever.  We must daily give the Lord our hearts and surrender our pain to Him.  Confess to Him that TODAY we need HIM to live and move. The Lord taught me a personal lesson. I felt guilty if I was joyful and cheerful, I felt like I was forgetting about my daughter. But the Lord taught me that He wants to give me joy and peace.  It was Him consoling my heart and that I shouldn't ever feel guilty.  Instead I should praise Him that Gabriella was with Him.  Praise Him that she was home. Receive His joy and peace.

I pray that today you are encouraged and that you surrender every heavy burden to the LORD.

For His Glory and By His Grace,


If you have grieved a child please take time to encourage other Momma's.  If you have never written about your loss, I pray that by visiting other's blogs you are encouraged and blessed.

There are no rules to this link-up.  I just want it to be a place where Momma's can be encouraged and blessed. I would like for us to fellowship weekly.  Each week, as the Lord lays on my heart, I will post certain things we Momma's go through/deal with during grieving, and as always share the Word.  This is how the Lord has led me to do this link-up.  Really it is a time of fellowship where we can gather to pray together and comfort each other. I hope you would join me and this blog for fellowship.



  1. Thank you Monica, I will read the article.My burden has been heavy I will surrender it.

  2. Monica...thank you for such encouragement. Surrendering our heavy hearts is not always easy but the reward is peace. Your post is a reminder of that.



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