Sunday, May 13, 2012


This past week I found lots of wonderful encouragement to becoming a better wife.  I felt encouraged to value my husband; to love him and to look at the BIG picture of our marriage.  What are God's intentions with our union?, I asked myself this week.  Am I doing all that I need to, to fulfill God's will for my marriage?  Am I doing more for me or more for my husband in our marriage?  With all those questions, the Lord is so gracious and good, that He always provides words of encouragement.  The encouragement that He gave me this week was not, "Monica, you are do exactly what you are supposed to be doing in your marriage!  Good Job!" - NO!  it was more like "Monica, sweety,  you need to put more thought into your husband.  You are not a bad wife, but think about him a little more than yourself."  And then I asked my self this question, "What would I sacrifice (my wants, my desires, my vision, my mission) for my husband?  Am I willing to give things up so it can be our wants for our marriage, our desires for our marriage, our vision for our marriage and family, our mission for our marriage and family?

I can honestly and shamefully say that MANY times, I put myself first before my husband, and to make it WORSE, I convince him of "it" being ME first!  But thank the Lord for His sweet way of opening my eyes and heart.  I am willing to CHANGE! and become a better wife for HIS GLORY! And that is what it is always about - growing and changing, so there is more of HIM and less of ME!

I was blessed this week by two wonderful women and their marriages and I wanted to share with you.

First, Naomi from What Joy is Mine, blessed me with her post, Ministering to My Husband through Our Home. There are so many ways to minister to our husbands and Naomi teaches us ways that we actually minister to them through our home! I was so encouraged and blessed by this post because my husband has said to me numerous times how happy he feels when he comes home to a house that feels like a HOME!  I always thought he was happy because it was clean!  But as I have learned,  this is a way he feels ministered to.  He feels happy to see that all his hard labor is not in vain.  The fruit of his labor is being taken care of and he is able to enjoy his home when he comes home! So I encourage you to stop by my dear friends blog and be encouraged.  She has so many wonderful posts, I know you will be there for hours, just filling up your cup!

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The second encouragement came through a video. I was blessed with this video.  The Lord really ministered to me through Larrisa; her words and actions left me speechless.  She encouraged me to look at what am I doing for my husband, what am I saying to my husband; how do I minister to him?  I thank the Lord, that my husband is well and not disabled.  And again I am ministered,  having a healthy husband, do I really do all that I can for him?  Are there things that I would sacrifice for him?  Take a look at this video and be blessed.  It really is SO ENCOURAGING!!

For His Glory and By His Grace,

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and thanks for sharing this video. Truly moving, convicting and encouraging. Bless you! Wish you'd share this post on my link up here:

  2. Monica...Wow...After 20 years of marriage, your post caused me to think "Have I become too comfortable?" This week I will be more intentional in putting my husband before myself (Philippians 2:3,4). Thank you for such a crucial reminder and for the feature. I love visiting you! Have an awesome day sweet friend.

  3. Thanks for linking up to Bible Love Notes B&BB party. So happy to have this great post a part of it. May God abundantly bless your week!

  4. Wonderful post my friend you are so good at encouraging us to love and serve our husbands! I hope you were really blessed on Mother's day!

  5. Wow that video was intense. I pray that the Lord will bless that couple more than they can imagine with His presence and love in their lives. Thank you for posting.

    ~Nicole, Working Kansas Homemaker

  6. Thanks for this. I could use this reminder every day!

  7. I saw that video the other day and was amazed- very touching story. And I'm hopping over to the post you liked up from What Joy is Mine, sounds like a good one! Thank you for sharing your thoughts about how you can improve your marriage- in turn encouraging ME! And thanks for linking up to Workin' It Mondays :)

    ~Nicole, Working Kansas Homemaker

  8. That video is SO moving. So, so moving. Thank you for sharing it here.

  9. very precious. And ouch...oh to be so totally unselfish in my marriage that my husband's cares could be lifted, dreams fulfilled and peace ensured.



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