Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Encouraging Others in Difficult Times & Link-Up

With Mother's Day around the corner, I think of how wonderful it is to spend time with my family.  My husband praises me for what I have done and do for our family, my boys love on me, hug me, kiss me...the list can go on.  Though on this day, my heart desires even more for my little girl to be with me.  Not for her to say Happy Mother's Day (though my heart would jump to have heard her precious voice), but to see what have I sown in her life.  I believe in my heart that every mother wants to have a daughter (daughters).  I tell my husband, "what you have with our sons, I long for with our daughter".  There is a special bond, a connection, that only a mother and daughter can understand.

I remember, in the tender days of Gabriella's passing, I had three wonderful women of God in my life, always asking me how I was doing. They would call and tell me it was okay to talk about how I felt. They had no clue what I was going through, but there they were, by my side.  One close friend in particular, Rachel, has touched my heart. Since Gabriella's passing, she would send a bouquet of flowers for Gabriella's birthday and a card, to celebrate her life her.  In the card she would write about how special  Gabriella is to her.  Every year on Gabriella's birthday, I am so happy that someone else remembers her.

These kind of deeds are what Mother's Day is all about.  Mother's encouraging other mother's.  Grabbing hold of their burden and lightening the load.  Pouring out love, even if our hearts are hurting. Pointing them to Christ who we can find hope and peace.

As I was reading through my friend's blog posts, I was so encouraged by how even though their hearts are in pain and they are going or have gone through a difficult time with the loss of their baby, they still look to glorify God and love their sisters in Christ.  Their hearts pour out and their actions are a testimony of what God is doing in them.  It is a testimony of how His love and peace is upon them.

I would like to share with you two friends blogs and what they have done to encourage my life and others.

Tesha's Treasures
 Tesha did something so special for me and many other mom's.  She created this for me.  I was so surprised and touched.  I put Gabriella's button on my blog and now when I look at it in between my boys names and pictures... I see a complete FAMILY!
Thank you Tesha, for this beautiful expression of love and encouragement.  

I want to let you know that Tesha also has a Bereaved Mommies Link-up every Tuesday.  Her button is on my side bar. Join her as she encourages us Momma's that have lost our angels.

She has written a wonderful book called "Honoring a Child Born to Heaven".

It is about ways to honor your child's life, even if they are not with you. You can also get some ideas on how to honor another mother's child life, by giving them a special gift this Mother's Day. Just click on the link and it will take you to her FB page and there she has her eBook. It is free for the month of May. 

May you be blessed this Mother's Day and everyday...

For His Glory and By His Grace,


Linked-up to the blogs on the "BLOG LINK-UP"page above.


If you have grieved a child please take time to encourage other Momma's.  If you have never written about your loss, I pray that by visiting other's blogs you are encouraged and blessed.

There are no rules to this link-up.  I just want it to be a place where Momma's can be encouraged and blessed. I would like for us to fellowship weekly.  Each week, as the Lord lays on my heart, I will post certain things we Momma's go through/deal with during grieving, and as always share the Word.  This is how the Lord has led me to do this link-up.  Really it is a time of fellowship where we can gather to pray together and comfort each other. I hope you would join me and this blog for fellowship.



  1. God gave you a very special friend. Thank you for sharing our tender story, as Mother's Day nears. Praying for you tonight ... I can't imagine losing a child. I am at a loss for words... Just praying, and sending you love across the miles, to find you where you are.

  2. Thank you for sharing my blog. Monica I have to tell you, you are the biggest source of encouragement for me. When I want to get angry and bitter I come and read you blog because your Heart is so right with Jesus, it bring the conviction I need to strive to keep a right heart. I have really struggled the last few days and I am dreading mothers day. No one seems to understand why I am upset because I have healthy kids and Yes I am so thankful for them but I am really sad over my sweet boy. He would be born any day and that just breaks my heart, He could of been born on mothers day and been my ultimate present. Well I am just going on and on but I am feeling sad tonight and I knew you would care. I was so upset because I wrote Gabriella's name in the sand and it did not come out because of the light. I was so made when I saw it, I was like I have all these names for mommies I don't even know and my friend that I really care about did not come out. Well I am going to redo it and I will send it to you. I am praying for you, and I am so very thankful for your testimony and Love for Jesus.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing my book and hosting this link up. You have such a tender heart.

  4. I love you sweet friend and sister of mine! Gabriella is a remarkable little girl full of strength and her mom is one of the most special people in the world!!



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