Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sixth Commandment Sunday School Printables

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

These are printables that I created to use in my Sunday School class.  They are intended for children ages 3-6.  There is a writing practice sheet, a take home sheet, games, craft / ideas page and coloring pages. These may also be used for Bible time for those of you that homeschool or even family time.  May you be blessed as you instruct your children to the Lord and in His Word.

Please leave a comment with how you were able to use them, if you liked them or if you have any suggestions. 

When printing PDF, scale to fit page, that way nothing is cut off.

For His Glory and By His Grace,


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Sixth Commandment


  1. These are so great, I can't get it to download with out paying for scribd. Is there any other way?

  2. The story you have adapted about Cain and Abel is incorrect. Cain worked the field and Abel was a shepherd. Just thought you might want to know. :) Thank you for providing these resources.

  3. I love your lessons but I don't have scribd. Can we get these lessons through another link?



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